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Autumn 2020

Samurai to Sushi:


This term we learned all about Japan. We learned about the geography of the country, the climate, volcanoes and the islands it is composed of. We learned about the history of Japan and made some lap books about the Samurai warriors!. In Art we made Japanese landscapes using pen and ink, made koi carp kites and looked at the fascinating world of Japanese drain covers! The children drew manga characters and made LOTS of origami! We read the novel Kensukes Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo which has a strong connection to Japan. We also undertook a project to design a Japanese garden and the details of this are on the main web page. Here are some photos of our work this term and the overview of our learning:


Samurai to Sushi - Autumn term Overview

Remembrance Wreath

We made Koi Carp Kites as part of our Japanese topic

In science we learned about blood, the children were red and white blood cells and some were germs! We then made a version of blood using different foods to represent the components.