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Autumn 2022

History Detectives - WW1


This term we will be learning about World War One. We will become history detectives finding out about Stadhamptons involvement in the war and using local clues to help us search for information about it.

We will venture into the trenches and think about how the soldiers lived. We will also think about life in Britain at the time, the impact on people left at home and the roles of animals and women in the war. Have a look at our topic web to see what else we will be learning about this term.



Football fun

The whole class went along to Oxford City stadium last week and competed with local schools in a football tournament. The children were skillful, brave, determined and resilient. I was really proud of their behaviour and very impressed with the skills they displayed both on and off the pitch. Maybe we will see some of our class at the world cup in the future!


Warhorses visit the school

We were so lucky that Chinnor Warhorses came to visit us at school. The children were able to ask questions about the use of horses in WW1 and learned a lot about how animals were treated and utilised during the war. We were very surprised to hear that so many of particular breeds of horses were used that some were almost made extinct!

The experience really informed the classes work in literacy where they were writing balanced arguments about whether animals should have been used in the war. In addition, the school community were fantastically generous with donation to the British Legion. The children were delighted to recive a thank you card from them and in turn we would like to thank our parents and carers for raising money to support such a good cause.

WW1 Artefacts

We were lucky enough to have some real WW1 aretfacts brought in to school. The helmet, button polishing tool and medals were amazing. The chiildren enjoyed looking at the items and talking about what they would have been used for. The lighter which was made from a bullet by a soldier while they were in the trenches was especially interesting. Thank you to William and his mum for organising bringing them in to show us.

As part of our topic we have made some trench diaries. The children made booklets from a single sheet of A4 and tea stained the pages. They then had a go at writing the first entry -about arriving at the trenches- whilst in our set up trenches in the classroom. They all agreed conditions were hot, cramped and rather dark. It was quite difficult to use neat handwriting too!

Trench Diary writing

Paul Nash - War artist.

We have been learning about the war artist Paul Nash who fought in and survived both World War one and World War two. We looked at lots of his pictures and talked about his abstract style and the colour palette he used. The children then had a go at reproducing one of his landscapes of WW1, first sketching the scene and then drawing it using oil pastels. I was very impressed with the results!

Fabulous forces!


In science this term we have been learning about forces and conducting a series of experiments to see how different forces act and the impact they have on objects. 

Our first experiment was related to air resistance. The children were given different materials and asked to make parachutes from them. We talked about which material might be best one to use and why that might be. lastly we tested them by timing how long they took to fall from, what i can verify, was quite a height!


Next we looked at water resistance and discussed the word STREAMLINED and what it means. We looked for examples of streamlined things we might see in our everyday lives. The children were then given modeling clay and asked to make and then predict which shapes would fall most quickly through water. Once they had made their predictions they tested them to see whether they were right.