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Spring 2021

This term our topic is BLUE PLANET. We will be learning about our wonderful oceans, the wildlife they contain and the impact of the human race on the oceans and the habitats of these creatures. We will learn about the historic tragedy of the Titanic, design an aquarium, make our own coral reef mural and lots, lots more!


Here is the topic web for our learning this term.



Our homework grid this term is based around our Blue Planet Topic. One of the class made a spectacular light up Coral reef!

Titanic Science

We did a science investigation, experimenting with "icebergs" in fresh and salt water. It was interesting to see how the ice reacted when it was first submerged. We listened to the cracking sounds and watched as cracks appeared. We looked at how buoyant the icebergs were in both types of water and how much of the ice was visible above the water line. It helped us to understand why it might have been more difficult for Captain Smith to see such a big iceberg (especially at night).