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Spring 2021

Athens to Atlantis:


This term we learned all about Ancient Greece. We learned about "how we know what we know" about the Ancient Greeks, exploring the world of Archaeology and looking at sources of evidence from the past to help us formulate a theory for the whereabouts of Atlantis! We examined the changing geography of the Greek empire and learned about some famous Greek battles. The children designed and made their own Greek Chitons and had a fashion show to display their amazing creations. We learned about the history of the Olympic games and then had our own class Olympics complete with torches, flags for the city states and medals for the winners. In science we larned about Archimedes and the children made their own Archimedes screws. In Art we designed mosaics and vases, we made instruments called sistrums from clay and explored the architecture of Ancient Greece, making our own versions of Greek temples in 3D and on the computer using minecraft. In our last week of term we had a Greek feast. Below is the outline for the term as a whole and some photos of our learning,


Spring term Overview - Athens to Atlantis

Making Archimedes Screws

Greek Fashion!

The Class Olympics