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Values and Aims

At Stadhampton Primary School we believe that learning in school is learning for life. Our values and aims are summarised below:



  • To create a happy, friendly, secure and welcoming environment where everyone can feel valued and respected. 
  • To encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline and acceptable social behaviour.
  • To encourage good relationships, tolerance and a caring attitude towards others.
  • To provide equal opportunities for everyone.
  • To encourage pupils to work hard, aim high and have fun.



  • To educate each child to the best of his or her ability. We place a high priority on the basic skills of literacy and numeracy as well as providing a broad and balanced curriculum to enable all pupils to achieve their potential.
  • To value each child as an individual. We aim to provide opportunities for children to be challenged and to experience success, so that they acquire confidence to tackle all areas of the curriculum. Children are encouraged to have a positive attitude to life and to learning.
  • To provide a stimulating, well-ordered environment, with a variety of appropriate resources available for children to use.


Parents and the Community

  • To provide opportunities for children to learn to value the school and the wider community.
  • To ensure that parents are welcome in school. To develop a real and active partnership: one of trust and confidence, between school and home.
  • To continue to foster and develop links between the school and the local community.
  • To promote a global / international dimension by a wide range of activities and by fostering links with other schools throughout the world.



  • To create an attractive, well-maintained environment and to encourage everyone to share in this responsibility.
  • To improve pupils’ awareness of environmental issues.