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Curriculum Planning 2 Year Plan





Class 1

Class 2

Class 3


Autumn 2019

‘We are Explorers’

Animals and Humans-Amazing me!

Seasonal Change-Wild Weather





‘I am a Warrior’


Cosmic Crusaders

-Earth and Space


‘We are Masterbuilders’

-Forces and Magnets

Spring 2020

‘We are Storytellers’

-Everyday Materials-Brilliant Builders

-Plants-growing things




Hakuna Matata



Decades of Discovery

-Animals including humans

Summer 2020

‘We are Time Travellers’

-Animals and Humans-Wild and Wonderful creatures






-Digestive System


Blue Planet

-Evolution and inheritance

-Living things and habitats


Autumn 2020

‘We are Detectives’

-Animals and Humans-People and their pets

-Seasonal change-Weather art



Biryani and Bazaars

-Animals including Humans



Samurai to Sushi


Hocus Pocus


-States of matter

Spring 2021

‘We are Storytellers’

-Everyday materials-Brilliant builders

-Plants-nature and art



Off with her Head!



Take one Picture


Summer 2021

‘We are Adventurers’

-Everyday Materials-Exploring change

-Living things and their habitats-habitats and homes




Chilli, Churros and Chihuahuas




History Detectives

-Properties of materials