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Spelling, punctuation and grammar

By year 5 and 6 there are lots of different grammar and punctuation terms that the children will be expected to know. I understand that it can be frustrating when a child is asking for your help and you are unsure of the terminology or what a question means. These documents provide useful definitions for the grammar terms that pupils need to learn by year 6. If you are unsure and need clarification however, please just ask me and I will try to help in any way I can.



We will learn our weekly spellings using short daily spelling activities each week. New spellings will be given to the children on a Monday, with a spelling test to assess understanding on the Friday. Details of weekly spellings are on the main class page.

As well as the weekly spellings the children will learn these common exception words (words which don't follow particular spelling patterns)

Here are some links to websites with spelling games to encourage a fun way to learn to spell!