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RockSteady Music School

RockSteady are in school every Thursday to teach our budding rock stars. The children are able to choose which instrument to learn, and form part of a band with a group of their peers. They learn a song together each term, ready to perform to the school and their parents. 


Children can start RockSteady from Reception, and carry on up until the end of year 6. They will begin learning skills to achieve the official Ofqual regulated ‘Music Performance in Bands’ qualification is accredited by Trinity College London.

Hedgehog Class - Oxfordshire Music Service Lessons

Hedgehog class have weekly music lessons delivered by a teacher from the Oxfordshire Music Service. This year, the pupils are learning violin and cello. As well as the weekly lessons, pupils have access to an online service to continue learning their instrument at home via fun activities online. 

Singing Club

Singing club runs on Wednesday lunch times. Pupils get the opportunity to learn new songs and dance routines, as well as practicing singing techniques. The club is fun for all, with plenty of opportunities for performing if the children want to. 


We are currently rehearsing for our big Disney themed show in June. We can't wait!