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Forest School

We are in the fortunate position of being able to provide Forest School sessions for all pupils on a regular basis.  All sessions are designed to be fun yet contribute to the children's learning and we hope your child will gain a great deal from participating.


Here are just some of the benefits of Forest School:


  • learning perseverance and determination
  • problem-solving and learning to take risks
  • improved physical health from spending time outdoors
  • learning how to offer and accept help (emotional intelligence)
  • teamwork
  • learning resilience and resourcefulness, developing initiative

What is Forest School?

Where does Forest School take place?


Forest School sessions take place off-site on private land made generously available to us by Mr and Mrs Campbell, who have a long connection with the school.  Pupils will walk to and from the Forest School site and staff will be able to contact school by phone should the need arise.


Who leads Forest School?


The sessions are led by Karen Poolman, a fully qualified Forest School Leader with the relevant outdoor First Aid qualification, with additional school staff and / or parent volunteers.


Parents / Carers will need to give permission for their children to attend.


What should the children wear to Forest School?


Forest School will run in all weathers and pupils will need appropriate clothing.  This should include long trousers and a long sleeved top, a jumper, ideally wellies, gloves and hats as the weather gets colder and a waterproof coat.


When does Forest School take place?


Details of when each class will have their sessions will be confirmed in the school newsletter each term.